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Profile steel chains

pewag ist the first hoist chain manufacturer to offer profile chains for hoists. Profile chains have several advantages, compared with round-steel-chains.

  • 7% smaller chain diameter compared to round steel chains with same cross section areas. This is enabling a smaller chain drive and finally a smaller hoist.
  • Increased bending resistance of the intelligent profile section provides a higher fatigue resistance and higher safety factor against fatigue breakages
  • Increased wear life time due to plane contact areas between chain, chain wheel and chain guide.


Profile steel chain vs. Round steel chain

Comparison of the section modulus

Data depending on cross section Plus on profile chain
Nominal diameter  -7% d = 11 mm d = 11,8 mm
Section area  +/- % A = 109,8 mm² A = 109,8 mm²
section modulus in bending +6,5% Wx = 172,9mm³ Wxy=162,3mm³
+13,3% Wy1=183,9mm³
+1,7% Wy2=165,1mm³